We Love People Who Love to Eat!

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people who love food

Our devotees are people who love to eat. There is nothing we love more than oo-ing and ah-ing with our friends over their fave dish at Magills. I was at a work meeting the other day (yes I have a day job) and someone brought up that I was an owner at Magills. The conversation instantly led, as it normally does, to everyone’s latest meal at the restaurant “Oh my God, you HAVE to try the omelet with tater tots, Cougar Gold cheese sauce and BACON!”, “The mac and cheese! Its AMAZING!”

I’m not tooting my own horn here (toot, toot), really, what I’m trying to say is that this is what a restaurateur lives for…these people who love food. Trust me, it isn’t the fat paycheck or the glorious rock star lifestyle. We live to please people, to create dishes that people love, to get the rave review about how good a dish is. Our hearts and souls go into these businesses, these culinary concoctions, and it warms our cockles when they are appreciated…so THANK YOU! Thank you for loving Magills.

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