Pumpkin Pie + French Toast = Taste Bud Love

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Pumpkin Pie French Toast is now on our Fresh Sheet! Served with Powdered Sugar, Caramel Brown Sugar Butter and Syrup mmmmmm…


Magill’s Cougar Gold Mac & Cheese : The Ultimate Comfort Food

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Magill’s Cougar Gold Mac & Cheese is serious comfort food…seriously, it is. Our famous sauce evolved over many months… tasting and testing until the richness of flavor and creaminess of texture were just right. It had to hold up well and stay creamy (even after it went home in a to-go box and was re-heated), it also had to coat the noodles properly and TASTE GREAT! 

Magill’s Cheese Sauce is made with a mixture of many different cheeses but the main flavor profile is from the Cougar Gold and Cougar Smoky Cheddar cheeses. The Cougar cheeses, if you aren’t familiar with them,  are created at the Washington State University Creamery in Pullman, WA ( They’re rich, delicious, full-flavored premium cheeses…and best of all made with REAL FOOD INGREDIENTS! No chemicals.

But what’s a great sauce if you throw it on a tiny, ordinary macaroni noodle, right? At first, we found a big noodle that was good but never quite right. Finally, we tracked down our perfectly twisted, fat, sauce catching noodles to hold all of that creamy deliciousness.

Although our traditional, straight-up Cougar Gold Mac is the customer favorite, we offer many other flavor combinations. Add grilled or crispy chicken, Cajun or German sausage, make it “buffalo” with some Frank’s Red Hot, or try our signature Roasted Red Pepper & Bacon Mac. It’s all good….seriously, it is.