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Magills Would Love to Have Your Vote Again This Year!

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It’s that time of year again to vote for the 2017 Tri-City Herald People’s Choice Awards! We have been honored, with your help, to be among the list of favorites for Best Breakfast and Best Family Dining for the past 4 years.  We’ve since added catering to our services and would love your vote for that too!
Please visit: and cast your vote for us for:
  • Best Breakfast
  • Best Family Dining
  • Best Caterer
Oh, and you must vote for at least 10 things, so vote for all things favorite Tri-Cities, too!  It helps support local small business.
We appreciate all of your support over the years.

The Columbia Basin Through an Artist’s Eyes

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Dave Poynter, the artist who sketched this view of our front counter has a website full of his sketches and photography! His work is like taking a tour of the Columbia Basin with an artist’s glasses on. Coffee shops, wineries and lots of local scenery. A beautiful way to explore the area.

His website is GO CHECK IT OUT!


The Post Super Bowl Loss Depression

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hawks lose their minds

My office was quiet for most of the morning today, just one non-fan who rambled on about how we weren’t robbed we gave it away. Psssshhhhhhhhhh. Just be quiet, dude, and let us wallow in silence…we aren’t ready to talk about it. We’ve been on a Hawks high for a couple of years now…this loss was a big pop to our winner bubble. Our entire identity has been shaken…we are the CHAMPIONS…not the losers! Now what? For a new fan like myself…I didn’t get interested in football until the Seahawks started kicking a$$ and taking names later…its been devastating. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the #gohawks contagion. I’m not used to losing…I’ve only known wins (two glorious seasons of being the big bad team to beat)…I know, I know, stop whining. I guess what I’m trying to say is chins up Hawks fans…we’re still in this together and we still love our boys. We can’t stop the crazy infectious universal good vibes that have built over the last couple of years…we’ve come this far so why not next year? Maybe we didn’t make #1 this year but #2 ain’t so bad either. GO HAWKS!

Magills Would Love to Have Your Vote Again This Year!

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The Tri-Cities Herald conducts the People’s Choice Awards every year. You go to their website to cast your votes for the best of the best in our town…from dentists to coffee shops to insurance offices!

For the last two years we’ve been honored to have been voted Best Breakfast (number 1!!) and Best Family Restaurant (runner up)…we hope you’ll vote for us again this year!!

Best Break and Fam Rest 2014-2

Best Break and Fam Rest 2014-1

Just Found the Coolest Thing @ Urban SKetchers!

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I love trolling for customer photos to share on the blog. Tonight I came across this gorgeous sketch of our front counter on the Urban Sketchers blog…isn’t it fabulous??!!

Urban Sketchers, I found out by reading further on their blog, is an international group of artists who’s work reflects the world around them…restaurants, local attractions, landmarks, architecture and the like. I feel so honored that they did a sketch at Magills!

Please go check out their website, lots of cool sketches done of local places. You can find the Magills sketch here

The Urban Sketchers blog can be found at

Some more of their talented work:


The Blue Bridge and Lampson Pits


The Pasco Farmer’s Market



Hedges Wineryblogger-image-489538909


More on the Pasco Farmer’s Market



The Blue Bridge

Blue Bridge 7.9.2014


Red Mountain


We Love People Who Love to Eat!

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people who love food

Our devotees are people who love to eat. There is nothing we love more than oo-ing and ah-ing with our friends over their fave dish at Magills. I was at a work meeting the other day (yes I have a day job) and someone brought up that I was an owner at Magills. The conversation instantly led, as it normally does, to everyone’s latest meal at the restaurant “Oh my God, you HAVE to try the omelet with tater tots, Cougar Gold cheese sauce and BACON!”, “The mac and cheese! Its AMAZING!”

I’m not tooting my own horn here (toot, toot), really, what I’m trying to say is that this is what a restaurateur lives for…these people who love food. Trust me, it isn’t the fat paycheck or the glorious rock star lifestyle. We live to please people, to create dishes that people love, to get the rave review about how good a dish is. Our hearts and souls go into these businesses, these culinary concoctions, and it warms our cockles when they are appreciated…so THANK YOU! Thank you for loving Magills.

7 Reasons Why Friends Who Love To Eat Are The Best Type Of Friends

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There is nothing better than having a friend who loves to eat as much as you do…

Saint Patricks Day at Magills Restaurant

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Saint Patricks Day at Magills Restaurant

Saint Patty’s Day is just around the corner, plan to visit us for lunch or dinner and a green beer or two!

It’s Taco Tuesday at Magills!

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Taco Tuesday New Taco Tuesday Plate