Magills Catering Appetizer Menu

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Click on the link for a downloadable pdf version of the menu.

Appetizer Catering Menu F613

Appetizer Catering Menu F613Appetizer Catering Menu F613 pg2Appetizer Catering Menu F613 pg1

Magills Catering Menus

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When you need a professional team of dedicated catering and party professionals to take care of your every need, Magills Catering is your one-stop shop. There isn’t any part of your party that we can’t take care of: food, linens, place settings, centerpieces, floral design, location, music, entertainment, you name it we either do it or know great people who do.

If you would like to request more information as a catering customer or possible vendor to partner with Magills Catering, please submit this form. We will get back to you within 72 hours.

Click on the links below to download a pdf version of our catering menus.

Build A Breakfast F613

Casual Lunch and Dinner F613

Appetizer Catering Menu F613

Wedding Catering Menu F613

Pumpkin Pie + French Toast = Taste Bud Love

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Pumpkin Pie French Toast is now on our Fresh Sheet! Served with Powdered Sugar, Caramel Brown Sugar Butter and Syrup mmmmmm…


What’s Your Favorite Hangover Meal?

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Oh man…anything fried, greazy, crunchy, gravy or sauce laden…the worse it is for your body the better! My fave at Magill’s would have to be the Benny Skillet (deep fried potatoes covered in ham then topped with two soft, oozy eggs and smothered in hollandaise sauce). The ultimate is having the skillet with a perfectly cooked chocolate chip pancake (a little crispy on the outside) with lots of butter and syrup. Delicious delicious therapy mmmm.