Just Found the Coolest Thing @ Urban SKetchers!

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I love trolling for customer photos to share on the blog. Tonight I came across this gorgeous sketch of our front counter on the Urban Sketchers blog…isn’t it fabulous??!!

Urban Sketchers, I found out by reading further on their blog, is an international group of artists who’s work reflects the world around them…restaurants, local attractions, landmarks, architecture and the like. I feel so honored that they did a sketch at Magills!

Please go check out their website, lots of cool sketches done of local places. You can find the Magills sketch here

The Urban Sketchers blog can be found at

Some more of their talented work:


The Blue Bridge and Lampson Pits


The Pasco Farmer’s Market



Hedges Wineryblogger-image-489538909


More on the Pasco Farmer’s Market



The Blue Bridge

Blue Bridge 7.9.2014


Red Mountain


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OMG This is HARD!!

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When we opened our first Magill’s restaurant in March 2008, we found free web hosting…it was super easy to use and the price was right. Unfortunately, that is soon to be discontinued…and was really not the greatest service to begin with…so we’ve decided to move the site to a blog format. Which we felt would be more dynamic than our boring website that tended to sit, untouched, for months at a time. We’d seen some really cool blogs and thought it would be great for us to hold the interest of our fans. But this is HARD!! It’s like learning a new language and navigating a strange city all at the same time…I think I need to do more research. I can do this!!