The Post Super Bowl Loss Depression

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hawks lose their minds

My office was quiet for most of the morning today, just one non-fan who rambled on about how we weren’t robbed we gave it away. Psssshhhhhhhhhh. Just be quiet, dude, and let us wallow in silence…we aren’t ready to talk about it. We’ve been on a Hawks high for a couple of years now…this loss was a big pop to our winner bubble. Our entire identity has been shaken…we are the CHAMPIONS…not the losers! Now what? For a new fan like myself…I didn’t get interested in football until the Seahawks started kicking a$$ and taking names later…its been devastating. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the #gohawks contagion. I’m not used to losing…I’ve only known wins (two glorious seasons of being the big bad team to beat)…I know, I know, stop whining. I guess what I’m trying to say is chins up Hawks fans…we’re still in this together and we still love our boys. We can’t stop the crazy infectious universal good vibes that have built over the last couple of years…we’ve come this far so why not next year? Maybe we didn’t make #1 this year but #2 ain’t so bad either. GO HAWKS!

It’s Time to Cast Your Votes!

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Click on the link to get to the ballot to vote for your favorite Tri-Cities EVERYTHING 2014!

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Magills Catering Appetizer Menu

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Click on the link for a downloadable pdf version of the menu.

Appetizer Catering Menu F613

Appetizer Catering Menu F613Appetizer Catering Menu F613 pg2Appetizer Catering Menu F613 pg1

Magills Catering Wedding Menu

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Click on the link for a downloadable pdf version of this menu.

Wedding Catering Menu F613

Wedding Catering Menu F613Wedding Catering Menu F613 pg1

Wedding Catering Menu F613 pg2